EOC – Safe Return Application

This application is to be completed by members of the President’s Cabinet, Vice Presidents, or responsible Dean only. Individual employees seeking to return to work should communicate with their supervisor.

This application is for University-sponsored return to work activities, including camps. Research projects must be submitted to the Research and Scholarly Activity Reporting Form which is managed by the Vice President for Research Office. The submitter will need to complete and attach a Hierarchy of Controls Task Assessment (.xlsx, 211KB) and a signed Hierarchy of Controls Checklist (.docx, 529KB). Information to create a Hierarchy of Controls plan can be found on the Safety Management website.

Requests for COVID-19 essential supplies can be made by completing the EOC COVID-19 Essential Supplies Request Form.

We will acknowledge all applications by the end of the next business day. Application processing time is dependent upon the nature and complexity of the activity. Please submit your application with as much advance notice as is possible.

The EOC’s responsibility is to coordinate safety standards and facility support for return to work requests. We will not be assessing whether the request is ultimately approved.

Once the EOC has determined the application meets safety standards, the application will be returned to the submitter and the Office of the President for total institutional awareness. Final approval will come directly from the member of the President’s Cabinet or responsible Dean.

If you are planning an event, please instead visit the Plan an Event page and follow the instructions. The HOC Task Assessment and HOC Checklist documents are still required.

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