Climate Change

News Center interviews Dill about ticks and climate change

News Center Maine interviewed Griffin Dill about how warming temperatures fueled by climate change are affecting tick behavior. Dill, who manages the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Tick Lab, said ticks have a better opportunity to find hosts during warm seasons. 

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BDN talks with Mallory, Birkel in reporting on Maine’s extended growing season

The Bangor Daily News spoke with Ellen Mallory, a University of Maine professor of sustainable agriculture, and Sean Birkel, a research assistant professor with the Climate Change Institute, about the impact of changing weather patterns on the growing season in Maine. Mallory noted that it is likely the U.S. Department of Agriculture will adjust Maine’s […]

Read more reports on Clifford’s study of water quality around Everest shared a University of Maine news release highlighting research conducted by Heather Clifford, a Ph.D. student with the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. Clifford found that human-sourced metal pollution transported from far-flung locations could impact the health of populations around Everest’s Khumbu Glacier who use glacial melt water for drinking and […]

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Imaging spectroscopy can predict water stress in wild blueberry fields, UMaine-led study reveals

Imaging spectroscopy can help predict water stress in wild blueberry barrens, according to a University of Maine-led study.  The technology involves measuring the light reflected off of objects depicted in images captured by drones, satellites and other remote sensing technology to classify and gather pertinent information about the objects. According to researchers, it can precisely […]

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Birkel discusses June Down East rainstorm with BDN

Sean Birkel, University of Maine research assistant professor and Maine’s state climatologist, spoke with the Bangor Daily News about an intense rainstorm in early June and its relation with climate change. “Three to four inches in a few hours certainly falls in the category of an extreme event,” he said. “While this was a weather […]

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