Boston Globe interviews Brewer about Trump’s chances in Maine

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Mark Brewer, a political science professor at the University of Maine, was interviewed by The Boston Globe for the article, “Trump’s upper hand in Maine’s Down East.” Maine and Nebraska are the only states that award Electoral College votes not only to the statewide winner, but also for each congressional district won by a presidential candidate, according to the article. No one has ever received a single electoral vote in Maine, but local experts say Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is favored to do so this year, the article states. “Without a doubt, Trump has a chance to win the Second Congressional District. In fact, if the election were held today, he would,” Brewer said. “But he has no chance at winning the whole state and absolutely, positively zero chance at winning the state’s other congressional district.” Another factor that could also benefit Trump in Maine is an Election Day ballot measure to expand gun background checks, the article states. However, Brewer said he doesn’t see the level of voter interest in the gun background referendum rising to the level of interest in the 2014 bear trap vote, especially when other referendums are factored in, such as marijuana legalization. “In the end, the presidential candidates will be driving the turnout,” he said.