AP reports on scientists’ use of underwater drones to study hurricanes

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The Associated Press reported researchers from the University of Maine are working on a federally funded program that uses underwater drones to collect data on what sustains and strengthens hurricanes to better understand the storms and to ultimately help protect life and property. UMaine is working on the project with researchers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, the University of Maryland, Rutgers University and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, according to the article. As Hermine worked its way up the East Coast, scientists deployed several underwater ocean gliders, which resemble yellow-winged torpedoes, the article states. They were released into the ocean, where at depths of 100 to 300 feet they measured water temperatures, salinity and density before, during and after the storm — measurements that can’t be captured when traditional research aircraft are flown into the eye of a hurricane, the AP reported. CBS News, Portland Press Herald and Concord Monitor carried the AP report.