University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is one of the seven Ancient Universities of Great Britain and Ireland and is over 500 years old.  The University today has approximately 15,000 students and international students make up 30% of the student body, representing over 120 countries. Aberdeen is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful historic campuses in the UK and features numerous architectural treasures including King’s College, with its crown tower and chapel. Other facilities include the recently opened Sir Duncan Rice Library, the Aberdeen Sports Village and the new Aquatics Centre, the Zoology Museum which contains 75,000 specimens collected over the last 200 years, and Oceanlab, the marine research facility of the University of Aberdeen.



Scotland has lively and friendly cities, often of great architectural significance, and a rich history and heritage dating back thousands of years with many ancient and historical sites. Music, for example, is a significant aspect of the nation’s culture, with the Great Highland Bagpipe as Scotland’s most well-known traditional instruments. Throughout the year you can attend festivals events that feature Scotland’s well developed achievements in literature, music, dance, and many more.


Aberdeen has been rated in recent years as Scotland’s safest University City, the happiest city to live, and one of Scotland’s sunniest cities. In the summer months it never gets dark, with the sun not setting until after 11 pm and rising before 4 am. Aberdeen is famous for being a global energy hub, with plenty to offer in the way of entertainment. Numerous art galleries, theatres, museums, and libraries are spread throughout the city. There are also a huge variety of restaurants and cafes to choose from, including Thai, Indian, Greek, and Turkish. Major supermarket and retail chains, as well as four large city-center shopping malls means students can access shopping places easily.

Areas of Study

Accounting, Anthropology, Archaeology, Biology, Biomedical Science, Business, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Studies, Chemistry, Computing, Conservation Biology, Economics, Engineering, English, Environmental Science, European Studies, Exercise and Health Science, Film and visual culture, Forestry, Gaelic Studies, Geography, Geology, History, International Relations, Language & Linguistics, Law/Legal Studies, Marine Biology, Mathematics, Music, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Scottish Studies, Sociology, and Zoology.


Minimum overall GPA 3.0


Estimated budget per semester at the University of Aberdeen.


Fall (1st semester, Sep-Dec)  2021

  • Semester Begins: Monday 20 September
  • Classes Begin: Monday 27 September
  • Exam Period: Starts: 5 December
  • Term ends: Friday, 17 December

Spring (2nd semester, Jan-May)  2022

  • Semester Begins: Monday 10 January
  • Classes Begin: Monday 17 January
    • Spring break: Friday 1 April – Monday 25 April
  • Exam Period Starts: 1 May
  • Term ends: Friday 20 May

    For any further information, consult the Academic Calendar


Most University of Aberdeen courses are available to students from their more than 600 degree programs. Medicine is the only discipline that is not open to exchange students. Most semester courses are 15 Scottish credits, which equates to 3.75 UMaine credit hours.  The normal course load is therefore 60 credits per semester, or approximately 15 US credit hours. Students are required to enroll full-time in at least 12 UMaine credits.

Online catalog of courses

Undergraduate programs are made up of four levels:

Level 1 – first year (100-level courses at UMaine)

Level 2 – second-year (200-level courses at UMaine)

Level 3 – third-year (300-level courses at UMaine)

Level 4 – fourth-year (400-level courses at UMaine)

Generally, courses at level 1 and level 2 are open to incoming students. Entry to level 3 and level 4 require proof that the student has taken relevant prerequisites at UMaine.

Most classes are examined through a combination of continuous assessment, mid-term assignments and an end of semester examination.

All coursework, class assessments and end of semester examinations at the University of Aberdeen are graded using the Common Assessment Scale (CAS) and the Common Grading Scale (CGS).

Aberdeen CAS Mark Aberdeen CGS Mark University of Maine Grade
18-20 A1 – A5 A
17 B1 A-
15-16 B2 – B3 B+
13-14 C1- C2 B
12 C3 B-
11 D1 C+
10 D2 C
9 D3 C-
6-8 E1 – E3 D (no credit)
0-5 F1 – F3, G1, 02, 03 F (no credit)


Students live alongside regular degree-seeking students and international students. The University offers a wide range of housing options, but mainly consists of apartment (suite) style living, with each student have their own single room. Some residence halls also feature private en-suite bathrooms. Students are guaranteed a place in accommodation, either owned by the university or through a preferred partners if applications are submitted before the deadline.

Detailed information of housing options and costs

Campus Accommodation

The Campus Accommodation Halls of Residence are located in the middle of campus, close to all facilities in the King’s campus. All include 24/7 on-site assistance and include utility bills and Wi-Fi in the price. The halls are dived by catered and self-catered, catered comes with a meal plan (breakfast, dinner, and Sunday brunch). Catered halls include appliances for cooking, but you will need to purchase dishes and pots/pans.

Hillhead Student Village

Hillhead is located beside Seaton Park, a 20 minute walk or a 5 minute bus ride to King’s campus. All utility bills and Wi-Fi is included in the price. The student village comprises self-catered accommodation, across 9 different properties with the majority of apartments being single sex.

Support on Campus and Getting Involved

The International Centre (IC) is an on-campus hub for anyone interested in the ‘international experience’ aspect of Aberdeen. They offer advice, a quiet place to relax and socialise, and a great starting point for anyone looking to explore potential opportunities abroad and integrate themselves within the international community of the University.

Student clubs in the UK are known as “societies” and Aberdeen’s Student Association has hundreds to choose from! One of the best ways to meet friends and adjust to your new surroundings is to get engaged in the university community.

The Student Advice and Support Office provides confidential and impartial advising on a range of issues, including personal, academic, money matters, disabilities and specific learning difficulties, visas and immigration matters, mental health and wellbeing, and more.

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