Culturefest Exhibit Participant Registration

The Exhibit registration is closed.


The Exhibit Hall has roughly 30 tables. Each table will have a backboard for participants to decorate.   Participants are allotted 1 table/group and should not play loud music or have activities that detract too much from surrounding tables. Large groups may be given an additional table at the discretion of OIP staff.


Individuals, student groups, campus or community groups are all allowed to have tables.  If you feel a group seems out of place for a cultural festival please ask OIP staff about this.


The exhibits should primarily be for sharing information about culture and people.  We do not encourage, petition sign up, food sales (unless small items), or fund raising (still being determined).  Political groups that are campaigning for local or national elections are not allowed.  Ask OIP staff if you have a question about this.

Participants are encouraged to make the table as colorful, fun and interactive as possible.  Table cloths are not provided so participants should bring their own.

There will be an Exhibit Hall contest.

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For questions, contact Haley Brown at