Culturefest Food Court Participant Registration


The Food Court has room for roughly 24 tables. Each group will be issued warming pans and serving plates. Paper plates, eating utensils, cups, etc. will be provided. Food sales begin at 11:00 and end around 2:00, or until the food runs out. Jeff’s Catering delivers and picks up the warming pans so we need to work with their schedule.


Only groups that have a campus representative are allowed to sell food. This is taken care of on the sign up form. Multiple groups from a single country may be asked to work together.


Food should be completely cooked on arrival at the Rec. Center. We cannot allow raw food to be cooked on location. Warming pans may be limited. Each group will have only one table unless they receive prior approval from OIP Staff.

Participants are encouraged to make a nice display at their table; they are not allowed, however, to hang anything on the walls behind the tables.

The Food Court registration is closed.  If you would like to put your name on a waiting list please contact Haley Brown at the email below.

For questions, contact Haley Brown at