2019 ISA Candidates for Secretary

Iarynia Iasenytska

Iaryna Iasenytska

  • What is your degree and field of study?
    • BA in International Affairs
  • Will you be on campus for both the following Fall and Spring Semesters?
    • Yes
  • In your words, what is the purpose of ISA and the role it should play in supporting international students at UMaine?
    • International Student Association is an embodiment of needs, wishes, goals of the international students who are present at the University of Maine. For me, personally, ISA was the first interaction on campus, where the previous President took me under his wing, to make me feel like I belonged to the UMaine community. Hence, my job as the Secretary of ISA would be to provide required demands for our community, as well as coming up with multiple activities and projects for the well being of those who relate to me on a particular level (being an international student).
  • What are your top 3 goals for ISA in the upcoming school year?
    • 1) I would like to improve communication between the international students
      2) There is a unique project which has already been running in development. However, I hope we are able to finish it right before the next semester.
      3) There is a possibility to create better relations between American students and internationals. Though, that is another project I have in mind.
  • Describe a successful program that you have been involved with. Why was it a success?  What role did you play in the event organizing that helped it to succeed?
    • There are various examples, but I would instead describe one of the events that I had a pleasure to do with ISA during my freshman year. I believe it was one of the biggest fundraisers that ISA have done in years, which was the greatest Oronoka that has gotten so many people involved. To be honest, we planned, decorated, and prepared for everything, yet, we didn’t expect to get over 400 people into a building that could only hold 200. If it wasn’t a success then, unfortunately, you have missed one of the best parties of 2018.
      P.s. another Oronoka is coming up, so don’t forget to get your hot tickets 😉
  • What relevant leadership positions have you held at UMaine or at other institutions?
    • (High school) International Fair – Leader of the Ukrainian Booth/Culinary (3 years)
      (High School) Dormitory Staff- Aid – Prefect (2 years)
      (High School) International Book Club – Facilitator (1 year)
      (High School) International Book Club – President (2 years)
      (High School) Dorm Olympics – Captain (2 years)
      (University) International Student Association – Volunteer (1 year)
      (University) OIP – Special Project Assistant (1 semester)
      (University) International Student Association – Public Relations Chair (1 year)
      (University) International Student Association – Head Committee (Special Project) (1 semester)
  • What leadership positions will you hold in other campus organizations during the up coming school year?
    • (University) OIP – Special Project Assistant
      (University) International Student Association – Secretary
      (University) International Student Association – Head Committee (Special Project)
  • What qualities do you possess which make you uniquely qualified for the officer position that you are running for?
    • How funny it wouldn’t sound, but my international status gives me an advantage over some of the domestic students. On the other hand, my experience with the various culture, while being a prefect for the international dormitory, gave me an extensive background to understand how to approach different students, and how to possibly help with their requests regarding their stay at the University.
  • What else would you like voters to know about you?
    • If you would like to talk about Ukraine, please do not hesitate because I love talking about my country, its politics, culture, and anything that can get you educated. Secondly, if you know any Ukrainians around, give me a hand since I am trying to reach out to any I could possibly find. Lastly, I have been working on some remarkable ideas, by investing in various original projects. Can’t wait to work with all of you! Go Black Bears!!!