Current and Previous Students in the MAGIC Lab

Natalie Harmon. MS anticipated 2022. Natalie completed her undergraduate honors thesis in the MAGIC Lab, and has stayed on for a master’s degree. Her research focuses on the the distribution of first row transition elements (FRTEs) in subduction zones, particularly across the blueschist-eclogite transition.




Tyler Pollock. MS anticipated 2021. Tyler completed his undergraduate degree at UMaine in 2018. For his M.S. research, Tyler is investigating the sulfur isotopic composition of sulfide melts in the Lesser Antilles arc.





Photo Mike McCormickMichael McCormick. MS anticipated 2021. Mike completed his undergraduate degree at UMaine in 2018. Mike’s research focuses on the lithogeochemistry of the Pickett Mountain VMS deposit in Northern Maine. He works closely with Marty Yates here at UMaine and Chunzeng Wang at the University of Maine Presque Isle.




Jesse WaltersJesse Walters. Ph.D., 2020. Jesse worked on sulfur isotopes and speciation in subduction environments during his time at UMaine. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Some of the highlights of Jesse’s work are published in G-Cubed and Geochemical Perspectives Letters. Jesse continues to be active in our research group, and serves as an external committee member for Natalie’s M.S. committee.





Josh Stone. B.S. 2020. Josh completed his undergraduate thesis in the MAGIC lab in 2020. Josh used reaction cell technology to test the the effects of mass shifted isotopes on U-Pb geochronology. He is currently a graduate student at Central Washington University.




Kimberley Biela. B.S. 2020


Laura Hartman. M.S. 2018. Laura worked on geochemical fingerprinting of tephra in ice cores. The results of here thesis were published in Nature Scientific Reports.