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Why do we need assessment at UMaine anyway?

The purpose of assessment is to determine what students know and can do.  Using this information, faculty can adapt their instruction, methods, and assignments to promote greater levels of student success.  Assessment is about you the student, and whether you have gained the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in your chosen major.

How does assessment differ from grades?

The purpose of assessment is to show what you know and can do.  While grades may be determined from your performance on the assessment, the focus of good assessment is to determine what you know, and what you may need next to be successful.

How does assessment benefit me?

Assessment is about determining what you have learned, and then helping you move to the next level. Effective assessment can help students progress faster, and ensure they do not have gaps in their knowledge or skills that may inhibit their future success.

Assessment Resources:

Visit the following links to plan your study habits for successful academic career at UMaine.


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